Directed by Dr. Asia Eaton

The PWR Lab (for “power, women, and relationships”) was founded in 2010 by Dr. Asia Eaton. We conduct feminist, social psychological research on how gender intersects with race, sexual orientation, class, and other social identities to affect people’s access to and experience with power in intimate relationships and in the workplace. We also made a music video.

Some of the questions we are currently working on include:

  • How do culturally-specific gender roles influence power dynamics in heterosexual relationships, such as who has control in early romantic and sexual interactions?
  • How do gender roles and heteronormativity relate to intimate partner and dating violence?
  • How do stereotypes about gender, race, and sexuality affect people’s access to power in organizations?
  • What is the experience of sexual minorities in the workplace? How do stereotypes about sexual minorities affect their opportunities to gain access to power and status?
  • How do people decide to disclose stigmatized identities in the workplace, and what are the consequences of disclosure for diverse women and men?

Recent student publications:

*Maddocks, S., Siegel, J., Eaton, A. A., & *Agarwal, S. (in press). Who is Invited to the Metaverse? Analyzing media coverage of an emerging virtual world. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking.
*Ruvalcaba, Y., *Rodriguez, A. L., Eaton, A. A., Stephens, D., & Madhivanan, P. (2022). The effectiveness of American college sexual assault interventions in highly masculine settings: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Aggression and Violent Behavior.
*Thomas, Z., *Banks, J., Eaton, A. A., & Ward, M. (2022). 25 years of psychology research on the ‘Strong Black Woman.’ Social and Personality Psychology Compass.
Eaton, A. A., *Ramjee, D., & Saunders, J. F. (2022). The relationship between sextortion during COVID-19 and pre-pandemic intimate partner violence: A large study of victimization among diverse U.S men and women. Victims & Offenders.

For all of Dr. Eaton’s publications, see: Dr. Eaton’s Website


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